• Monday, July 18th, 2016

Well we told you we were bringing you the latest tech news and today we have the latest information on the new iPhone 7. This isn’t a goodie though – it looks like we have confirmation that the latest piece of the iPhone chain won’t actually be as good as it was hyped out to be. But first, what do we know so far?


  1. The phone has a camera that sticks out, unlike previous iterations.
  2. There won’t be any headphone jack in the new iPhone, so how we will listen to music is probably going to be with some wireless type of hearing device.
  3. A lot more storage!! Don’t worry about having to update your storage or anything like that as there will be plenty to go around and far more options than just the previous 16gb and 32gb models. So you can customize it to your desires.
  4. No more home button. Which is probably a good thing considering you can just use the touch screen to go to home anyway and there have been a lot of issues in the past with the home button getting sticky and not consistently working.


In other words, there is nothing revolutionary going on and nothing to be excited about. It might even be worse than before. Just check out the video above showing the difference between the 7 and the 6S so that you understand what we mean when we say there is nothing to be excited about.


Going back to the missing headphone jack – how are we going to listen to music? Well if we take a look at the latent patent fillings by Apple, we may just have an answer. It’s called the “AirPods” and was discovered last October. Although we don’t know for sure that it’s from Apple, the company that filed it is likely affiliated with Apple due to the similarities between it and Apple.


However, before you think that everyone is going to be able to listen to music wirelessly, think again. They’re expensive and it’s likely that the actually iPhone will ship with wired lightning port headphones and it’ll cost extra to order a pair of the delectable wireless headphones. But it sounds pretty cool, no-one wants those annoying cables to be all around you when you’re walking around anyway. It just gets in the way.


So there you have it. You have the latest tech info right here at TTG Charity and you better stay tuned as we will have more tech news to come along with a few computer products that you can buy from our shop in the future.

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