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Today’s innovative marketing strategies have produced a plethora of ways that merchants in the tech or services industry can reach their clients, even if they are on the other side of the globe. The internet has proffered endless opportunities to small and medium sized businesses to compete with international companies.

Those who begin to market this way will become increasingly aware of the important role Google plays in getting first serve at high quality customers. Google, however, is constantly adapting and evolving its algorithms to provide internet users with the best results.

This is when many people begin to look for innovative ways to attract the attention of the Googlebot and increase their online dominance. SEO is the term given to this pursuit, if done wrong the result can be penalties and loss of predominance in your market.

On the other hand, by focusing efforts on user experience and quality service, ethical SEO practices can offer no end of advantage to the online merchant. SEO Elements teaches these practices extremely well — you can learn more about them here on Yelp & LinkedIn:


Following are some of their guidelines that can help you plan an ethical SEO strategy that will effectively improve your online marketing campaigns.

1. Think Primarily of User Experience

If you ally yourself to the direction of the Google Search Engines, that is, to providing internet users with the best experience possible, you will find the search engines, all of them, will be powerful allies to your marketing campaign.

The question to ask yourself each step of the way is” Am I making things better or worse for the users?”. In terms of SEO rankings, the happier people are with information, content or products on your site, the better your rankings will be.

2. Consider Site Structure and Purpose

There are many algorithmic considerations that go into your site’s standings on the search results, also known as SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). One of them, employed by Google, has to do with page layout and placing ads above the fold line.

This is simply to prevent users from actually having to “search” through a page full of ads before getting to the content they want, which makes good sense. There are many other structural and technical details that must be considered when preparing a SEO effective web page.

The reason so many sites with all the makings of SEO giants never amount to much, due to some tiny detail they were entirely unaware of.  Even small technicalities can affect the way the Search Engines crawl and categorize the site and provide it as results for users.

It is essential for functionality that a site can be crawled and indexed easily, this is a good sign to the search engines.

3. The Importance of Quality Content

Then be sure your site is filled with high quality content that is going to get a reaction. It is better to have one article getting a lot of action, responses and forwards, than to have a hundred articles no one is reading.

This must be considered in relation to another important point: the Googlebot can’t actually read. The search engines can’t decide if the content you are generating is “quality content”, so they rely on other factors to decide quality, for example,domain authority.

This means that if Shakespeare himself was your content writer, it would do no good if there is no audience to savor the bard’s immortal prose and pass them on to friends family and so on. This causes innovative online marketers to begin looking for creative ways of attracting an audience.   

Working with curators can be dangerous business, although some run a legit business, it takes only one charlatan who posts some duplicate content for you to sully your good name and kick you to the ump-teenth position.

4. Paid Backlinks? Bad Idea!

Even if you are not paying for them, any back link that appears to be placed for the purpose of being a link as opposed to supporting the theme and content of the site can appear as a paid backlink Some people assume that if a cash transaction was not completed, the back link was not paid for, these people are wrong.

Remember that back links can be generated organically, not bought. This includes working with “fly by night’ offshore SEO companies that promise unbelievable results for a mere $6.99,  trust me, you won’t believe what is about to happen after you sign on with these bozos.

The only thing $6.99 is going to buy you today is the dreaded Google Penguin Penalty, a condition best avoided as it can be very difficult to get free of. This mostly awarded for spamdexing, link bombing and other Black Hat SEO endeavors.

So, to Recap…

Focusing on being the search engine leader is forgetting your primary objective, user experience. You want google to like you, be sure you provide the online visitors with a worthwhile run for their time.

Remember that google does not read your site or content but rather, judges the reactions of the people who can. If visitors to your site are given proper service and quality content they will leave with a smile, and you bet your bottom penny Google can read user smiles.

If you need help with optimizing your website, it is extremely important that you hire a company that conducts ethical SEO practices. Before you settle for just about anyone who calls themselves an SEO expert, do your due diligence by thoroughly researching a firm’s background and choose someone reputable like SEO Elements (check out their seo wellington top design firm page here).

Consider your SEO endeavors like the attractive wrapping paper outside of the box, you can really go all out on the wrapping, the box and the card. But if the present inside is a lump of dry plasticine, someone is going to be very disappointed.

It takes time to generate the kind of authority and status that will carry your endeavors to greatness,  but those that stick to their integrity and professional dignity will be rewarded in the end with better positioning and higher rankings.

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